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Starch Sugar


soluble dietary fiber made from glucose, sorbitol, and acidity regulator


Ingredient of soluble dietary fiber
Widely used for beverages, confectioneries, processed foods, etc.
Polydextrose gives soft texture when being dissolved in water whereas some soluble dietary fibers become more viscous.
Low sweetness levels (0%-5% of sugar)
Similar physical properties as dextrin and starch syrup


  Polydextrose P (Dietary fiber: 70%↑) Polydextrose L (Dietary fiber: 50%↑)
Color White or light brown powder Viscous liquid with its own color
Tate Neutral / Low sweetness levels Neutral / Soft body with low sweetness levels
pH(10% Sol.) 4.5~7.0 4.5~7.0
Moisture 4.0% or below 30.0% or below