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Convergence Material Research Center

Samyang’s Chemical Research Center has been growing with the Korean chemical industry since its establishment in 1979. Based on technology and product developments with “one more value,” we carry out R&D activities to become a smart R&D center that provides tailored and integrated customer solutions.
Chemical Research Center

The Convergence Material Research Center is leading the most advanced technology in the electronic material field and successfully developed, produced, and commercialized a photoinitiator that is monopolized by a global chemical company. In addition, Samyang is securing unmatched technological prowess by developing an LCD column spacer that has the highest coating speed in the world. Furthermore, we are expanding our research areas by developing eco-friendly materials based on the development of isosorbide, a plant-derived material, and research on its derivatives.

Samyang Corporation focuses on developing new technologies and products that will make the lives of customers richer and more convenient based on its long-standing core competencies.

Major Research Areas

Major Research Areas
Category Research areas
LCD material Column Spacer
Over Coat
Touch panel overcoat
Photoacid generator
Materials for photolithography (LCD production process, etc.)
Specialty Chemicals Functional materials
Ingredient materials for beauty and healthcare
White biotechnology Isosorbide
Isosorbide derivatives

History of the Research Center

  • 2020

    AugEstablished the Convergence Material Research Center (Integrated Information Electronic Material    Research Center and White Biotechnology PG)

  • 2016

    JanRelocated the White Biotechnology PG to the Chemical Research Center

  • 2014

    JulyEstablished the White Biotechnology PG

  • 2013

    JulyRestructured the Samyang EMS Research Center into Information Electronic Material Research Center

  • 2006

    JanLaunched the Samyang EMS Research Center