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Samyang Corpotation

Business Introduction

Engineering plastics are used as sophisticated materials for automotive, electrical/electronic, and machine parts.

Engineering plastics are superior to general-purpose plastics in terms of transparency, heat resistance, and mechanical features, allowing them to be used as materials for electrical, electronic, automotive, medical, security, and mechanical parts as well as for optical uses. As such, engineering plastics are high-function, sophisticated materials.

AM BU, short for Advanced Material Business Unit, set up polymerization and compounding processes when establishing Jeonju EP Plant in 1989, and to date has produced and supplied domestic and overseas companies with engineering plastic products such as PC, PBT, TPE, and M-PET, as well as various PC, PBT, PMMA, and PET-based compounded products.


by operating an automation system of the entire process in the main production base of Jeonju EP Plant, we endeavor to curtail the production schedule and to achieve our zero-defect goal in a bid to enhance our productivity and technological prowess.


to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we established R&D Center in Daejeon in 1993 and has since conducted research to synthesize and process engineering plastics and to develop high-value-added new materials.


we established Samyang Engineering Plastics (Shanghai) in Shanghai in 2005 as a foothold to enter the Chinese market, and we are now producing and selling compounded products. We established our second overseas production base in Hungary in 2010, which now plays a pivotal role in allowing Samyang to expand globally.


in alliance with Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan, in 1989, we established Samyang Kasei, and we are now producing and selling the high-function engineering plastic polycarbonate resin, the first of its kind in the country.

In addition, we established Samyang Innochem in 2009, entering the BPA business. We have expanded our CHEMICALS value chain from engineering plastic polycarbonate to BPA.

AM BU, which leads Samyang Corp.’s CHEMICALS, one of its key business units, thus vows to develop key materials for the automotive, electrical/electronic, medical, and security industries in an effort to further solidify its solution partnership with its
By continuing to advance our industrial structure and to expand our overseas production hubs, we are committed to growing as a high-function materials company that impresses its customers.

SAMYANG AM BU Milestones
  • 2018 Established Samyang Engineering Plastics[Vietnam] LLC
  • 2016 Apr Built Samyang Fine Technology Gunsan plant
  • Jan Samyang Corporation incorporated samyang Genex
  • 2014 Jan Established Samyang Fine Technology
  • 2013 Jan Provided Korea’s first commercial production of silicone polycarbonates
  • 2010 Dec Achieved sale of 100 thousand tons per year
  • Mar Established Samyang EP Hungary
  • 2009 Oct Established Samyang Innochem Ltd.
  • 2008 Oct Increased PC production of Samyang Kasei (120 thousand tons per year)
  • 2007 Dec Earned TS16949 certification
  • May Earned “Sony Green Partner Standards” certification
  • 2005 Oct San Diego office opened in America
  • Oct Samyang Kasei increased its PC output (100,000 tons yearly)
  • May Earned “Samsung eco-partner” certification
  • 2004 May Established Samyang Engineering Plastics in China(Shanghai)
  • 1997 Dec Earned ISO14001 certification
  • 1994 May Earned ISO9001 certification
  • 1993 May Samyang Group R&D Center opened in Daeduk
  • 1989 Mar Established Samyang Kasei Ltd.
  • 1988 Apr Jeonju EP Plant constructed